7 Fun Ways to Connect With Your Kids (without screens)

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The possibilities may seem slim to none when looking for ways to connect with your kids without screens. Nowadays, everything seems to revolve around some type of electronic device, whether it be a phone, iPad, television, or the like. We’ve rounded up several good ideas that tap into how things used to be and are still considered fun and exciting ways to connect as a family.

7 Fun Ways to Connect with Your Kids (without screens)

7 Fun Ways to Connect with Your Kids (without screens)

The ideas below are just a few ways you and your family can all take a break from screentime and foster connections that will last a lifetime. Be sure to pin this blog post or save it to your favorites. It’s sure to come in handy!

1. Use your imagination and use what’s available in your home.

With screens out of the way, you can begin looking around to see what you have in your home that can be used to create fun activities. If you have small children, play with Legos and see what everyone can build in a certain amount of time. You can also build paper airplanes and have contests or build a castle out of cardboard boxes. With older children, you can solicit their help to come up with creative things to do.

2. Connect with your kids by spending intentional family time.

Purposefully plan times doing fun things together such as making a family scrapbook, having a family talent show, or even cooking a meal together. Another idea is to get moving by having a family-style dance party with a bit of karaoke. Intentional family time can also include listening to an audiobook together.

3. Take the fun outdoors.

As kids, you probably did a lot of playing outdoors and none of it included screens, right? Go back down memory lane and head outside to connect with your kids. Show them some old games you may have played throughout your childhood. Some of the classics are Red Light, Green Light, Mother May I, or even a good round of kickball.

4. Have a game night (or day).

Order your family’s favorite pizzas and break out the good old board games, card games, or even the paper and pencil ones (like tik-tac-toe). Take turns allowing each kid to choose a game to play and have fun. If you run out of things to play, consider coming up with a few of your own games.

5. Get creative and crafty with your kids.

This can look a number of ways. Depending on the ages and developmental levels of your kids, you can have a cooking or baking contest. Other crafts that are fun for kids include making homemade playdough, using boxes to make a variety of toys (like play swords and shields), or designing some homemade crafts.

6. Volunteer at a shelter together.

Whether you choose an animal or homeless shelter, consider spending time as a family volunteering at one of these places. It will foster relationships with your kids all while helping fill necessary needs for others. In most cases, families agree that volunteering at shelters together helps them connect better and increases their love and care for one another.

7. Learn a new trick or trade together.

Is there something your kids have always wanted to learn? Consider learning it together! This could be anything from horseback riding to painting a certain kind of picture. If it doesn’t include having to leave the home, try looking up YouTube videos to watch and learn together. Sewing, building a small piece of furniture from scraps, or learning a new language are just a few ideas.

Final Thoughts

These fun ways to connect with your kids without screens are sure to help you create long-lasting memories and experiences. Revert back to these ideas every so often to give you and your kids a much-needed break from screen time. What are some things you and your family do together to take a break from screens and better connect with one another?

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