2024 Marriage Bundle

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19 marriage resources bundled together!

Your FAVORITE bundle of the year is back and better than ever! We’ve gathered all of the best marriage materials, videos, ebooks, and printables together so that you can create a happier and more connected relationship with your spouse! We believe that marriage matters.  It can be hard work to focus on making your marriage rock when there are so many other things on your plate. So we want to make it SIMPLE to create the type of marriage you always dreamed of!  If you want a happier, closer, and more passionate relationship with your spouse, this year’s Marriage Bundle is your answer!

Imagine, with just one click of a button, all of the top marriage courses, workshops, and date nights will be in your hands! Each resource has been selected to help you have a whole lot more fun, and much fewer issues in your relationship.

We have teamed up with the TOP marriage experts, bloggers, and professionals to create the ULTIMATE Marriage Bundle!

But… this 2024 Marriage Bundle is only available for a limited time!

This crazy bundle deal won’t last for long so you’ll need to act fast before this bundle dissolves! All of these products in our Marriage Bundle are worth OVER $400 if you purchase them individually. But you can grab it RIGHT NOW for ONLY $50 –> $35 using my link! Yes, you read that right! $35 for everything that you need to make your marriage stronger, more fun, and more romantic. You are NOT going to want to miss this!

NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $50

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How does this Marriage Bundle work?

For just 14 days, you only need to make one purchase to save over $350 and create an awesome marriage at the same time. If you wait too long (after midnight MDT on June 30th, 2024), this deal will be gone forever, and you’ll have to track down each resource from each expert! No fun. (Plus, waaaaaaay more expensive!)

The normal SALE price on this bundle is $50, but when you click on my link below, my unique discount code will be applied that SLASHES the price to just $35! (Honestly, that is cheaper than just ONE resource in the bundle!)

What is included?

This Marriage Bundle is FILLED with practical tools, tips, workshops, and resources to improve your marriage. One of the best parts of the bundle is that all of the resources cover different aspects of a relationship! You can use each one of them and totally enhance every single part of your marriage, or you can pick and choose the resources that will be most useful to you. (The crazy part is that even if you only use a couple of these resources, you will still be SAVING money!)  Take a look at what is included in this bundle:
    • A Year of Love Letters
    • Online Date Night
    • Sexy Bedroom Games
    • Questions for Couples
    • Tantric Sex Seminar
    • Online Marriage Conference
    • AND MUCH MORE! (check out all the details below if you want to see everything!)

NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $50



(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)

Want a closer look at what’s included?

19 products! That’s less than $2 each!

This bundle is such a STEAL! If you want ALL the details before purchasing, we’ve listed out each product and description below. This way, you will feel MORE than confident that paying just $35 to get every single resource mentioned below is exactly what your marriage needs!

1. A Year of Love Letters by The Dating DivasYour spouse is about to become a VIP member of the Love Letter of the Month Club! As an exclusive member of this club, they will be receiving one heartfelt love letter every month all year long! The letters will be from YOU, of course, but we’ve done all the work for you from the stationery & envelopes to the writing prompts and scripts. We’ve also included helpful tips & ideas as well as extra love notes, cards, & even treat tags. Simply print off the “Love Letter of the Month Club” enrollment gift certificate, fill in your names, and surprise your spouse with the most romantic gift they’ve ever been given!

2. The Tantric Sex Seminar for Married Couples by Get Your Marriage On!Are you ready to transform sex in your marriage from mechanical and predictable to a truly love-making experience? Join Sex Coach Dan Purcell in a workshop introducing the concept of Tantric Sex. Most westerners experience sex like taking the fastest route at highway speeds towards orgasm, while missing out on many of the beautiful aspects of making love to their spouse along the way. Tantric Sex, or slow sex, on the other hand, is like taking the scenic route on your lovemaking journey with a strong emphasis on arousal, deep connection, and celebrating life together.

3. 30 Ways to Make Marriage Fun Again by Kingdom SexualityAre you sick of just sitting next to each other scrolling your phones mindlessly every night after the kids go to bed? Do you and your spouse watch too much TV? It’s time to make your marriage FUN again! Here you’ll find 30 simple and practical ways to bring the fun back to your marriage! Because in marriage, adding in fun is like adding SPICE to your favorite dish- it just makes everything BETTER!

4. Sexy Date Night Bundle by Love Hope AdventureWe’ve planned a sexy date night just for you! Start out by using the conversation starters at dinner to connect with each other. Next, take it to the bedroom, put on your sexiest outfit, and give each other a simple but sensual lap dance. Finally, finish out the night with a sexy, steamy bedroom game where you’ll take turns pleasing each other.

5. 62 Questions About Sex + 10 Bonus Sexy Bucket List Challenges by Awesome MarriageSometimes we just don’t think about sex or prioritize it enough. The questions in this resource are meant to help you learn more about your spouse and get you thinking more about sex and intimacy as a way to deepen your marital intimacy. These questions will help you think about sex and get you thinking about preparing yourself mentally for more and better sex with your spouse.

6. 12 Issues of The Position Post Magazine by ONE Extraordinary MarriageThe Position Post Magazine is your essential companion for an extraordinary marriage, delivering a rich blend of articles designed to support and uplift your marital journey. Dive into expert advice on communication, rekindle the flames of sexual intimacy, and discover creative ways to create closeness and connection. From insightful date night ideas to in-depth explorations of emotional bonds, plus a new position in each issue our magazine is here to inspire, guide, and celebrate married life.

7. Making the Most of a Messy Marriage by Jay & Laura LaffoonThis ebook is a candid exploration of navigating the complexities and challenges within marriage. With humor, insight, and practical wisdom, the Laffoons offer couples guidance on how to embrace the messiness of marriage and turn it into an opportunity for growth and deeper connection. Through personal anecdotes and biblical principles, they provide encouragement and strategies for building a strong and resilient partnership, even amidst life’s inevitable ups and downs.

8. 7 Conversations to a Better Sex Life by My Love ThinksFeel awkward talking about sex? Or don’t know where to start? Yet you know your sex life could use some spark! This guide walks you through 7 of the most critical conversations to have about sex with your partner. You don’t want to miss this one.

9. 2020 Wives of Integrity® Online Conference by Marriage Legacy UniversityDo you feel stuck in your marriage? Could you use some practical and spiritual encouragement as you walk through a challenging season? If so, this online conference for wives is exactly what you need! This event has 36 actionable, bible-based workshops from Christian wives aimed to help you step into your best season of marriage!

10. Healing Personality Clashes in Marriage: A Guide for You by Enneagram + MarriageDo you and your spouse have personality clashes? It’s time to delve deep together and explore how to bring out less conflict and more healthy relationship dynamics in the intimate dance of your relationship! This workbook was designed to help you both discover your similarities and differences through questions & journal prompts.

11. Understanding the Roots and Fruits of Your Sexual Relationship by Dr. Dave SchrammFeeling stuck in a relationship rut? Then it’s time to take a deeper look at your relationship roots! Too many couples are unhappy with their sexual relationship (or the “fruit”). However, the “root” is much deeper than new sex positions and toys. Couples forget to focus on the root of relationship issues – deep unmet needs. And guess what? Most of it is not about sex! Come learn the 8 D’s of disconnection and discover what lies beneath a happy healthy sexual relationship!

12. Becoming One – Forging Deeper Love Despite Our Differences by Dr. Matt TownsendReady for a fun & educational online date night? Gain access to an entertaining 2-hour event that was recorded in front of a live audience of 500+ couples! Matt Townsend teaches how to create a deeper, more mindful marriage, along with many other important character-building tools, skills, and tricks that help to strengthen your connection and feed your marriage.

13. Make Better Connections — Understand What Your Spouse Needs and Why You Sometimes Miss by Intimate Covenant– Isn’t it great when you and your spouse are on the same page and enjoying moments of deep, fulfilling connection? But, don’t we all suffer occasions when our attempts to connect are ignored or rejected? Join Matt & Jenn Schmidt, of the Intimate Covenant Podcast, in this eCourse to help you make better connections in your marriage — emotionally and sexually. Learn to pursue and respond to your spouse with passionate, irresistible vulnerability.

14. Magic Hours Roadmap: Make the Magic Hours Work for YOU by Love After BabyWorld-renowned psychologist John Gottman suggests couples can transform their relationship in just “6 magic hours” each week. But six hours feels like a lot to ask from busy parents. In this workshop with Sheina Schochet, from Love After Baby, you’ll learn what the magic hours are and how to slowly build them into your daily routine, so they become an effortless habit- and how to keep up the habit, even when you’re apart!

15. Improve Your Marriage and Family With the Partnership Model of Family Organization by Dr. Julie HanksDo you want to improve your marriage and the well-being of all family members while fostering positive relationships at home? Dr. Julie shares her over 30 years of experience helping individuals and families thrive in this ebook with exercises, affirmations, and journal prompts. Her expertise with the partnership model of family organization will help you learn how to focus on connection and relationships and move from competition to compassion instead of seeing your family as a hierarchy of people and needs.

16. T-Time Guide (Time, Talk, Touch) by Aubrey GrossenWant to know how 20 minutes a day can save your marriage? Introducing: T-Time. Where you take Time to Talk and Touch with your partner. Here is a jump start guide with 27 question cards to helping you get started! All it takes is 20 minutes of connection every day.

17. Unlocking the Female Orgasm Mini-Course by Pain-Free IntimacyIf orgasms and desire have been a bit of a struggle, you’re in luck! This mini-course will take you on a journey to discover the many layers that could be impacting your desire and ability to orgasm. Join Jess Seitz, creator and owner of Pain-Free Intimacy, as she takes a deep dive into understanding and unlocking the amazing fun of the female orgasm experience! You’ll learn tons of strategies and tips to really get your body to the next level!

18. 7 Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage: The Joy of Spirit-Led Intimacy by Supernatural MarriageNo matter the present condition of your marriage, God is well able to invade it with His love and power to create a supernatural marriage for you and your spouse. Seven Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage leads you on a journey of understanding Spirit-led intimacy so that YOUR marriage can step into a new level beyond what you have asked for or imagined!

19. Couple’s Memory Book – Year in Review by Somewhat SimpleCapture the magic and madness of your love story with our couple’s Memory Book printables! Each year, reminisce and reflect on your journey together with questions designed to spark conversation and deepen your connection. It’s not just a book; it’s a timeless keepsake! Get yours today and make every year unforgettable!

Grab your bundle of all 19 products for less than $2 each!


#1- It’s only available for a LIMITED TIME!

#2- After midnight MDT on June 30th, this deal is gone FOREVER!

What are you waiting for?!


NORMAL PRICE = Over $400!

Bundled for a limited time only for $50

ONLY $35 USING MY DISCOUNT (That’s over 90% OFF!)


(Extra $15 discount automatically applied at checkout)


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